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USA Today Publishers Weekly National Bestseller


The Secret That Changes Everything

In this world you will have trouble. Count on it!

It might be something small or something big, but you know you don't have an answer. You've come to a realization there is a limit to what you can do alone.


For such times as these, 2 Chairs asks three vital questions:

      -Does God know your situation?

      -Is it too hard for Him to handle?

      -Does He have a good plan for you?

Following these questions, Bob Beaudine offers seve practical steps to walk courageously, faithfully, and cheerfully through your trouble whether it is a minor issue or a major crisis.


Magnolia Homes, Stars of HGTV's Fixer Upper

"We restore houses; God restores lives. Discover the blueprint for God's restoration in the pages of 2 Chairs."


#1 Best-Selling Author, Nationally Syndicated Radio Show Host

"It's as though that one-on-one time with God sets the tone for my whole day. That's the spirit behind Bob Beaudine's 2 Chairs."


New York Times Best -Selling Author of The Circle Maker,

lead Pastor of National Community Church

"I hope and pray that the 'secret' Bob shares in this book would become not-so-secret. It has the potential to change your life!"



Proud Son of Zig Ziglar and CEO, Zig Ziglar Corporation

"Next time you are alone, working through the issues of life, pull up another chair and invite God to join you. Listen. 2 Chairs changes everything. One chair is not enough."


"If there were a 1% chance that God would meet you at 2 Chairs, would you go?"
Bob Beaudine

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